Transform Family

Introducing Senior Care's First Family Communications Manager

Senior care’s first and only Family Communications Manager connects your facility with residents’ families to give never-before-seen insights into family interactions, satisfaction, and care coordination


With a free iOS and Android app, families can access patient care records, exchange messages with staff, review your facility and be notified of major events


In turn, your facility obtains new-found insights into how families use patient care data and what specific information they are seeking. The SafeKeeping platform also allows you to collect and benchmark family satisfaction feedback from reviews and surveys

Best New Partner of the Year!

Users felt more informed of their loved one's care with How's Mom
Users Very Likely to choose a senior care center using SafeKeeping
Used SafeKeeping at least once per week instead of calling facility staff

SafeKeeping has been a great platform to help our facilities connect families with our caregivers in a more meaningful and convenient way. By informing and empowering resident's families to stay engaged, SafeKeeping helps us provide a higher quality of care and hit our strategic goals

Cullen Gibson, COO, TLC Management

The How's Mom platform is so convenient to pull up the information on my computer and check on my son’s health record on nearly a daily basis. I am 85 years of age and orthopedically disabled so the convenience is very important to me.

Marvin, Family User

SafeKeeping is a true partner to our organization. They are dedicated to enhancing our ability to communicate with our residents and our families.

Beth Harpe, Essential Senior Living

Our facility is thankful to have the SafeKeeping platform as part of our endeavor to improve family outreach. SafeKeeping allows families to stay abreast of the residents conditions and daily activities

Natalie, Senior Care Facility

The main reason I like SafeKeeping is how fast I can retrieve my wife’s medication list. Also I love the convenience of having it all the time in case of an emergency.

Fred, Ashton Creek